9 Plants That Will Thrive in Your Bathroom

Being a plant parent can be tough when you live in a small space. After all, an apartment only has so many sunny windows.

But, there’s one infamously overlooked room that can have some really valuable real estate…the bathroom!

Of course not all plants do well in this humid environment, but some thrive in it.

Since these plants aren’t magicians they still need at least some sunlight to live. This means a window is required!

The good thing is that most don’t crave direct sunlight so it can be scant. Read about each plant’s individual needs pertaining to light.

Plants that need more light should be placed on a windowsill or as close to the window as possible. Others can live on shelves, the back of the toilet and even be hung from the ceiling!

Keep your plant’s sizes in line with your bathroom’s. Some of these plants take up more room than others and might not be a good fit for a tight space.

Make sure that your plants have enough room to breathe and grow.

Aloe vera is applauded for its strong ability to adapt and is in fact almost impossible to kill!

Place your aloe plant close to the window but not in direct sunlight for the best results. The back of the toilet (near a window) is actually a prime location.

Bamboo is another highly adaptable plant. It can live in nearly any level of light and does well in just a vase of water!

Even better, it made NASA’s list of top air-purifying plants1! So, what better place for it than the breeding ground of germs?

Ivy requires moderate exposure to sunlight, and enjoys bathrooms’ high levels of humidity. Hang it from the ceiling or upon a high shelf and it will grow downwards creating a beautiful trailing vine.

This particular variety of Ivy also made NASA’s list of top air-purifying plants1!

Nicknamed the cast iron plant, Aspidistra thrives on neglect. These plants tolerate low light, infrequent watering and extreme heat.

This tropical perennial thrives in medium to low light and indirect sunlight and prefers the warmth and humidity found in a bathroom.

These tropical plants prefer the bark which they grow in to be damp not wet meaning they thrive in warm humid conditions. They should be placed on a windowsill with access to filtered light.

Pothos are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. When they are hung from the ceiling or placed on a high shelf, they trail downwards making a bountiful ivy. They’re fairly simple to grow so long as their soil moisture level is maintained. Pothos don’t like their soil too wet but it shouldn’t dry either.

This plant tolerates nearly any growing conditions. It doesn’t like being watered and in fact most likely doesn’t have to be at all in a humid bathroom.

Also on NASA’s list1, snake plants are actually one of the few plants that produce oxygen at night as well as during the day2.

Last on the list, the ZZ plant also goes by the Eternity plant. This is because it needs very little water and low to medium light to survive.


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