The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is all the rage these days! It’s loaded with enough internal and external benefits to last a lifetime. Keep reading to learn all about this superfood serum and what it can do for you!

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

The pure stuff, raw unpasteurized vinegar, contains ‘the mother’. This is the accumulation of naturally occurring interconnected protein molecules which appear as strands of enzymes.1

The mother is credited with having a large percentage of the vinegar’s nutritional value; so, distilled apple cider vinegar doesn’t carry these same stellar nutrients and benefits.👎

Acetic Acid

The main ingredient in ACV is acetic acid, an organic compound similar to stomach acid. So, when vinegar is ingested it increases and improves the breakdown of nutrients. This means that the body is able to absorb more nutrients and reap the full benefits of the food it’s consuming.2

Jennifer Adler (Bastyr University associate professor and certified nutritionist), says that by helping break down these proteins and nutrients, apple cider vinegar can actually improve digestion3.

She recommends having an apple cider vinegar drink with dinner as the postmeal blood glucose of those who do is reduced by about 20%. Her explanation is that the vinegar slows sugar’s release into the bloodstream.3

The Mother

As stated, The Mother is made of accumulated natural proteins. These murky enzymes are only found in raw unpasteurized vinegar because they are filtered out in the distilling process.

Though it may give the vinegar a rough look, the mother contains immune-boosting nutrients and enzymes which benefit the body from the inside out. It’s not an element you want to miss out on!3

Adler says the bacteria found in The Mother are extremely beneficial and can help strengthen the immune system.3

The Benefits

Due to the nutritional properties and enzymes discussed above, ACV comes with tons of benefits! Just be sure to buy a raw unpasteurized variety to ensure you will actually reap the rewards of this potion’s magical properties.


  1. Muscle relief
  2. pH balance
  3. Sore throat relief
  4. Weight loss

  1. Revitalize & moisturize skin
  2. Strengthen/shine hair
  3. Eliminate dandruff

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