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5 Meals per Day vs 3

These days I have been working on eating 5 small meals throughout the day rather than 3 larger ones. It has been quite an adjustment, but I think i have finally mastered the method! You may be wondering why would one consume 5 meals instead of 3 per day? The answer is actually quite simple! As discussed in, 4 Healthy…

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Why Try Turmeric?

What is Turmeric? Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). It is both rhizomatous and herbaceous, meaning that it is an herb which is found underground. The rhizomes, which are harvested annually, are found underground whereas the leaves grow up above the ground standing vertically. The plant’s growing style is similar to that of a carrot! Due…

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All About Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have quickly become a very popular superfood in the health-conscious community. You have most likely heard of them before but may not be entirely sure what they are, what they do, and how to eat them. Continue reading to have all of these questions answered PLUS a few awesome recipes featuring the little seed superfood! What are Chia…

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What is Fiber and Why Do We Need It?

Dietary fiber (or roughage) is a plant-based nutrient and carbohydrate that the human body is unable to digest. This deceiving characteristic leads a lot of people to wrongly fear the nutrient; when in fact, fiber is an element essential for the maintainence of a healthy body! Though most carbs are broken down into sugar molecules, fiber is one that cannot…

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4 Healthy Habits to Aid Your Digestion

I like to think that I follow a very healthy diet, as my daily routine consists of 3 well-balanced meals (with an occasional snack or dessert). I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. Yet, somehow, I still suffer from severe GI problems! I have always recognized that one’s diet is in direct correlation with the functioning of his…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten-Free Eating

I created this simple guide to aid any of you that are trying to make the transition to a gluten-free diet! It can be tough BUT I promise it’s a lot easier than it seems! Plus, once you start eating gluten-free you will notice such a drastic improvement in your health that you won’t even want to go back! You…

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