Driftwood Hanging Card Holder

Do you live by a beautiful beach covered in sea glass and driftwood? I do and I’m always stumbling upon gorgeous pieces. I can’t help but bring some home from time to time!

So what can you do with driftwood? One cool DIY project is this card holder. It’s functional, stylish and can help you stay organized! It’s also fairly simple to put together.


The first step is to lie out the pieces. Take the time to do this right! Let yourself change your mind about what pieces to use and in what order.

As shown in the image on the left, strategically offsetting each piece of wood from the center creates less overlap between the cards. This creates more real estate meaning more cards!

To explain: the few extra inches on the left side would have no cards hanging directly under them. The same goes for the right side on the following piece.


The next step is to attach the pieces. Use an electric drill to make a hole through the intersecting and base pieces.

Keep in mind that the side you’re adding the screws to will be the back of your card holder. Hold the intersecting piece on top of the base so in the finished product, the base will be on top.

Drill a hole all the way through the top piece of wood but only about 1/4 to 1/2 way through the bottom piece. You don’t want to have a hollow hole showing on the front of your finished product.

Use a screwdriver to screw the intersecting piece to the base. I used 1″ phillips head screws. I recommend using phillips head screws (+), rather than flat head screws (-) because they offer more control. I attempted to use a flat head screw at first but my screwdriver slipped out of the groove, damaging one of my pieces of driftwood…I make mistakes so you don’t have to!

Work on one wood intersection at a time until the entire base structure is built.

up_close   all_screwed

Next attach small metal hoops to hang the cards on. The ones I used were 3/4″ gold eye pins. You can use a different sized pin depending on how big you pieces of wood are!

Be sure to attach the pins on the same side that your screws are visible. This will be the back of your card holder. These can be fastened with hot glue about every 3 inches on the intersecting pieces.

The last step is to hang the card holder on the wall. Use a picture hanging kit. Nail a small-sized hook into the wall where you want the holder to rest. Then attach a piece of coil around the intersection of the base piece and first intersecting piece of driftwood.

Now all that’s left to do is hang up your cards! Poke a 7/8″ gold safety pin through the top-left corner of each card’s front flap. Loop each safety pin through an eye pin and closed it shut to secure it to the holder.

The last picture (below) beautifully displays a driftwood card holder filled with cards. This one can hold about 40 cards. If you like this project as much as I do, go ahead and make one for yourself! If you’ve made a project similar to this OR this post inspires you to make something else, comment down below!

on_wall_empty   on_wall_full

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