A [Green] Apple a Day

I eat an apple on the daily. They’re my go-to snack because you know what they say—an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

I favor green apples not just for their flavor; but, their nutritional content too. There’s no denying that their crunch capacity is a factor, but the nutrition facts speak for themselves!

Dietary Fiber

Green apples (like the Granny Smith variety) contain high levels of soluble fiber, specifically the soft white flesh1.

This type of fiber dissolves in water and becomes gelatinous as it travels through the digestive tract, slowing the digestion process and extending the length that one feels physically full. This leaves more time for consumed food to be properly broken down and metabolized.

Lowered Cholesterol

As mentioned above, there are large levels of soluble fiber in green apples. This type of fiber has been credited with lowering cholesterol and regulating sugar intake.

Soluble fiber binds to cholesterol and bile acids in the intestine, promoting a proper removal of these substances2.

When the soluble fiber binds to and removes these acids from the body, the liver is called to action and uses more cholesterol to produce more bile acids. This effectively lowers the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Eased Digestion

While the body is left with lower levels of cholesterol, the production of bile increases3. This is good!

The liver produces bile to help digest foods and remove toxins from the body. Green apples promote a healthy flow of said bile.


Green apples also contain dense levels of vitamin C and flavonoids. These nutrients assume the role of antioxidants and ward off free radicals found in the body1.

A high population of free radicals can lead to permanent damage of healthy cells and increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other serious conditions.


The carbohydrates found in green apples bring energy to those who eat them. Carbohydrates break down into smaller sugars (i.e. glucose, fructose, and galactose) which are absorbed and used as energy.

Green apples essentially provide organic unrefined plant-based sugars with a delicious crispy crunch!


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