I Made a Compost Bin In 5 Minutes Today…You can too!

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compost bin

Make a compost bin by following these 5 simple steps today!

All you need is:

    •A bucket / pot / bin



    •A piece of wood to cover the top of the container

    •Something heavy to keep the wood in place

The dirt that I got came with worms in it because I took it from the compost pile at my Dad’s house to give my compost bin some nutritious soil to start off with. But, if you don’t have pre-wormed dirt you can buy them online or at your local garden supply store.

So, assembling your compost bin is unbelievably simple. All you need to do is follow these easy steps.


  1. Find a good location. Ideally you want your compost bin to be located at a happy medium between your house (where the food compost is coming from) and your garden (where the garden and yard debris come from).
  2. Place your dirt and worms in the container. Give a warm welcome and “thank you” in advance to your new little friends.
  3. Cover the container with your cut of wood. You definitely want to use wood versus any other material because the porous nature of lumber allows it to breathe (letting our worm friends breathe as well☺).
  4. Secure the cover with a heavy object. Use a brick, rock, or any other object that carries weight to ensure that your compost bin stays covered.
  5. Start composting in your new bin! You can put fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, eggshells, plant matter, and yard waste in your new compost bin.

Composting is great for multiples reasons:

  1. You reduce the amount of trash you send to the landfill by putting food waste & other decomposable items in your bin.
  2. It Makes super fertile dirt for gardening and plant growing.
  3. Saves you money by using less trash bags!


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