Never Throw Out Browned Bananas Again!

We’ve all been there…that sad moment when your bananas have reached the point of no return.👎 They’re brown, mushy and simply inedible; but, what can you do? Throw them away? Put them in the compost bin? NO!

There’s a solution to stop this unnecessary sacrifice and it’s name is nice cream!

Next time you run into this dilemma, don’t fret! Put those brown babies in the freezer and you’ll be ready to make the ultimate vegan treat whenever your sweet tooth chimes.

Just remember: peel them before you freeze them! Why? The peel can be a pain to remove but don’t worry about cutting them because they are still fairly malleable once frozen.

This is one of the best ways that I have found to recycle “old” bananas. It’s also a great 2-minute solvent for a sudden sweet-tooth craving (opposed to a $5+ pint of dairy-free ice cream)!

Another use for brown bananas is banana bread! This Chocolate Nut Banana Bread is a super easy recipe that’s vegan, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. So, next time you have mushy bananas check these recipes out!


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