How to Revive a Dried-Up Mint Plant

One of the most utilized plants in my herb garden is mint! I love it for its delectable taste and soothing properties.

Over the Thanksgiving break I went out of town and the poor guy was horribly neglected. The good news: he has since made a marvelous recovery!

That’s right, all has been restored and there are now delicious mint leaves growing on my plant once again! So, are you dying to know how I brought my completely dried-up mint plant back to life? Read on to find out!

  1. Trim, Baby, Trim!
  2. Believe it or not, the first step in saving your mint plant isn’t to give it an emergency watering! No, you should start by trimming back all of the dead parts of the plant.

    Why? Failing to remove the unsalvageable growths means that these portions will continue to absorb the plant’s much-needed water! In turn slowing down, if not preventing, the mint plant’s full recovery.

    • Using garden shears, cut all of the dead stalks back to their newest green growth. Those that don’t yield any green can be trimmed all the way down to the dirt.
    • Also, be sure to discard most of the dead leaves residing on the top of the soil. There can be a lot so it’s not a huge deal if you don’t get every single one!

  3. Let it Rain!
  4. After removing all of the dead, it’s time to water!

    • Give your plant a few heavy waterings all the way down to the rootball, allowing it to drain and filter out the excess before going in for another round.
    • Water your mint plant 2 or 3 times before returning it to its home in a sunny window.

  5. Resume Normalcy!
  6. After completing the two steps above, you and your mint are essentially good to go!

    Resume the normal watering schedule, making sure to not let it dry out again. Good luck!

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