How to Save a Sauce That Is Too Spicy

Have you ever accidentally been too heavy-handed when seasoning a sauce? We’re all human, we make mistakes…it happens! But can this mistake be reversed? Yes!

There are quite a few solutions you can try out to remedy a spicy sauce. Keep reading to find out about a few I’ve had success with; and, feel free to share any other tips and tricks you have for saving a dish that is just too dang spicy in the comments below!

  1. Take the Easy Route & Dilute
    The first step in salvaging a spicy sauce is to dilute it. This means simply adding more of the base ingredient, whether that’s tomatoes, dairy or stock.

    Another good diluting ingredient is oil. Try adding more of your base ingredient and whatever kind of oil you are cooking with i.e. avocado, olive, coconut or grapeseed.

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  3. Acid
    If a sauce is still too spicy after being diluted, try adding an acidic ingredient.

    A generous serving of acidic juice from citrus or vinegar can work wonders on counteracting spice.

    Add a spoonful at a time and taste the sauce before adding another one. Just like heat, acidic flavors can easily overwhelm a dish.

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  5. Fight Heat with Sweet!
    Your next step is to add some sugar. You can use any sweetener of your choice, such as: granulated sugar, liquid sugar, maple syrup, or honey. Like the acid, add your sweetener in very small amounts, tasting-testing constantly to ensure that your the sweetness component doesn’t completely overpower your sauce.
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  7. Potayto-Potahto!

    The last saving grace for salvaging a sauce that it too spicy is raw potatoes! Peel and cut a few raw potatoes and add them to your sauce over VERY low heat. They will absorb some spiciness from your sauce. But, be sure to remove the potatoes before they become too mushy and dissolve into your sauce!

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