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9 Plants That Will Thrive in Your Bathroom

Being a plant parent can be tough when you live in a small space. After all, an apartment only has so many sunny windows. But, there’s one infamously overlooked room that can have some really valuable real estate…the bathroom! Of course not all plants do well in this humid environment, but some thrive in it. Since these plants aren’t magicians…

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How to Revive a Dried-Up Mint Plant

One of the most utilized plants in my herb garden is mint! I love it for its delectable taste and soothing properties. Over the Thanksgiving break I went out of town and the poor guy was horribly neglected. The good news: he has since made a marvelous recovery! That’s right, all has been restored and there are now delicious mint…

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Putting Away Flower Boxes for the Winter

If you’re a New Englander and have an outdoor planter (like a planter box for the bees), it’s time to put it away for the winter! Our green friends can’t survive in the winter’s cold climate, so we have to make some changes in our gardens to gear up for the winter. But fear not! Preparing outdoor planters for the…

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